Heather & Michaela “Because Michaela picks up Jason from school every week, he no longer has to go to after school care.”


Jason, Heather's son, had been complaining about after school care for some time. “He had been saying for over a year that he didn't like it anymore. In the end we searched for a nanny who could pick him up from school.”

Heather (parent):

“I deliberately searched for an active, younger nanny who could entertain and keep Jason busy. I work from home myself, so it is nice if a nanny doesn't just sit on the couch but also undertakes activities with the children. It is also much more fun for Jason if something is organized for boys his age. We saw that too little during after school care; there are also more younger children there so the program wasn't for kids his age. It was difficult to find a nanny for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, so we now have a few who alternate.”

Jason (child):

“Afterschool care is just boring. There were so many small kids and we had to craft lots of times. With Michaela, it's way better. I can just go home and do nice things. And I can also play with my friends.”

Michaela (nanny):

“I've been babysitting for a long time. When I was younger, I mostly babysat during evening hours. It was a relaxed side job, but babysitting during after school hours is much more fun. When you babysit in the evening the kids are in bed. But if you babysit during the day, you can actively play with them and do more things together. The other day, Jason and his friend went to play with marbles. When I saw those beautiful marbles, I myself became enthusiastic so I just played along! In those moments, I also become a little child again.”

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